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program cubeextras
! calculates cubes of various derived quantities
! cubes of density, ionization fraction, pressure, b field, velocity
use emissmod, only: emtype, emissivity, dp, pah_emissivity
implicit none
real, dimension(:,:,:), allocatable :: dd, xi, te, av
real(dp), dimension(:,:,:), allocatable :: em
character(len=128) :: prefix
real, parameter :: boltzmann_k = 1.3806503e-16, mp = 1.67262158e-24, mu = 1.3
integer :: nx = 0, ny = 0, nz = 0
integer :: itime
character(len=4) :: ctime
integer, parameter :: idebug = 1
print *, 'File prefix?'
read '(a)', prefix
print *, 'Save time?'
read *, itime
write(ctime, '(i4.4)') itime
call read_var(dd, 'dd')
dd = dd / (mu*mp)
call read_var(xi, 'xi')
if (idebug >= 2) then
print *, 'Density max, min: ', maxval(dd), minval(dd)
print *, 'Ion frac max, min: ', maxval(xi), minval(xi)
end if
! emissivity
print *, 'Emissivity type?'
read '(a)', emtype
allocate( em(nx, ny, nz) )
if (emtype(1:3)=='PAH') then
! PAH emission depends on UV flux, and hence on A_V array
call read_var(AV, 'AV')
em = real(pah_emissivity(dd, xi, av), dp)
! others depend on temperature
call read_var(te, 'te')
if (idebug >= 2) then
print *, 'Temperature max, min: ', maxval(te), minval(te), minloc(te)
em = emissivity(dd, xi, te)
end if
if (idebug >= 1) then
print '(3a)', 'Emissivity stats for ', emtype, ':'
print '(a,es12.3,a,3(i0,tr1))', 'Max value: ', maxval(em), ' at ', maxloc(em)
print '(a,es12.3,a,3(i0,tr1))', 'Min value: ', minval(em), ' at ', minloc(em)
print '(a,es12.3)', 'Mean value: ', sum(em)/product(shape(em))
call write_var(real(em), 'e-'//emtype)
subroutine read_var(var, id)
use wfitsutils, only: fitsread, fitscube
real, intent(inout), dimension(:,:,:), allocatable :: var
character(len=*), intent(in) :: id
call fitsread(trim(prefix)//'-'//id//ctime//'.fits')
if (nx==0) then
nx = size(fitscube, 1)
ny = size(fitscube, 2)
nz = size(fitscube, 3)
end if
var = fitscube
end subroutine read_var
subroutine write_var(var, id)
use wfitsutils, only: fitswrite
real, intent(in), dimension(:,:,:) :: var
character(len=*), intent(in) :: id
call fitswrite(var, trim(prefix)//'-'//id//ctime//'.fits')
end subroutine write_var
end program cubeextras
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