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Calculate Div B for PhabC2 data, writing results for each time to
a separate YAML file.
Uses same discretization that Fabio uses.
from __future__ import with_statement # needed for python 2.5
import pyfits
import os, sys
import numpy as N
import yaml
execname = os.path.split(sys.argv[0])[-1]
# Parse command line arguments
runid = str(sys.argv[1])
itime1 = int(sys.argv[2])
itime2 = int(sys.argv[3])
except IndexError, ValueError:
print "Usage: %s RUNID ITIME1 ITIME2" % execname
for itime in range(itime1, itime2+1):
bx, by, bz = ['%s-%s%4.4i.fits' % (runid, varid, itime))[0].data
for varid in 'bx', 'by', 'bz' ]
except NameError:
continue # if a file is not found, just carry on with the next
if len(bx.shape) == 2:
# promote 2d array to 3d array
bx = N.array([bx, bx, bx])
by = N.array([by, by, by])
bz = N.array([bz, bz, bz])
print itime, bx.shape
divbx = N.zeros(bx.shape)
divby = N.zeros(bx.shape)
divbz = N.zeros(bx.shape)
# Note: This only works if the BCs are periodic
# Remember, x-axis is the last one in pyfits!
# WJH 08 May 2010 - rw
# Bx(i+1,j,k) - Bx(i-1,j,k)
divbx = N.roll(bx, -1, axis=2) - N.roll(bx, 1, axis=2)
# By(i,j+1,k) - By(i,j-1,k)
divby = N.roll(by, -1, axis=1) - N.roll(by, 1, axis=1)
# Bz(i,j,k+1) - Bz(i,j,k-1)
divbz = N.roll(bz, -1, axis=0) - N.roll(bz, 1, axis=0)
divb = divbx + divby + divbz
b = N.sqrt(bx**2 + by**2 + bz**2)
divb_b = divb/b
# make a dictionary of the statistics we want to save
data = dict( dbmean=N.abs(divb).mean(), dbmin=divb.min(), dbmax=divb.max(),
ndbmean=N.abs(divb_b).mean(), ndbmin=divb_b.min(), ndbmax=divb_b.max() )
# convert to standard floats since yaml does not recognise most numpy types
for key, value in data.items(): data[key] = float(value)
# add in the details of which run and which time
data.update(runid=runid, itime=itime)
with open("divB-%s%4.4i.yaml" % (runid, itime), "w") as f:
# use verbose more readable format
f.write(yaml.dump(data, default_flow_style=False))