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! Fake a molecular hydrogen fraction
! In the absence of proper treatment of molecules in Phab-C2 we are
! reduced to this simple function of column density, through its proxy:
! V-band extinction, AV. The function has been vaguely calibrated
! against nameless Cloudy models, probably the ones used in the appendix
! of the 2009 magnetic globule paper
! History:
! 18 Sep 2010 - Ported back to F90 as a mini-module
! 24 Aug 2010 - Package the function into its own module, since I am
! using it all over the place
! """
module mod_molfrac
implicit none
integer, parameter :: dp = kind(1.0d0)
real, private :: mol_AV0 = 3.0 ! position of molecular transition
real, private :: mol_sharpness = 4.0 ! sharpness of molecular transition
interface molfrac
module procedure molfrac_sp, molfrac_dp
end interface molfrac
elemental function molfrac_sp(AV) result (molfrac)
real :: molfrac
real, intent(in) :: AV
molfrac = 1.0/(1.0 + exp(-mol_sharpness*(AV-mol_AV0)))
end function molfrac_sp
elemental function molfrac_dp(AV) result (molfrac)
real(dp) :: molfrac
real(dp), intent(in) :: AV
molfrac = 1.0_dp/(1.0_dp + exp(-real(mol_sharpness,dp)*(AV-real(mol_AV0,dp))))
end function molfrac_dp
end module mod_molfrac
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