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Fake a molecular hydrogen fraction
In the absence of proper treatment of molecules in Phab-C2 we are
reduced to this simple function of column density, through its proxy:
V-band extinction, AV. The function has been vaguely calibrated
against nameless Cloudy models, probably the ones used in the appendix
of the 2009 magnetic globule paper
24 Aug 2010 - Package the function into its own module, since I am
using it all over the place
# Fake a molecular fraction
mol_AV0 = 3.0 # position of molecular transition
mol_sharpness = 4.0 # sharpness of molecular transition
def molfrac(AV):
from numpy import exp
return 1.0 - 1.0/(1.0 + exp(mol_sharpness*(AV-mol_AV0)))