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Copies a set of datacubes to a new name while multiplying all B components by SCALE
import os, sys, pyfits
# Parse command line arguments
runid = str(sys.argv[1])
itime = int(sys.argv[2])
newrunid = str(sys.argv[3])
scale = float(sys.argv[4])
except IndexError, ValueError:
print "Usage: %s RUNID ITIME NEWRUNID SCALE" % execname
bvars = ["bx", "by", "bz"]
othervars = ["vx", "vy", "vz", "dd", "xn", "xi", "pp"]
for var in bvars + othervars:
prefix = '%s-%s%4.4i' % (runid, var, itime)
# read in variable at t=itime
data = + '.fits')[0].data
# scale the B-field by desired factor
if var in bvars:
data *= scale
# write out the new fits file
hdu = pyfits.PrimaryHDU() = data
hdu.writeto('%s-%s%4.4i.fits' % (newrunid, var, itime), clobber=True)