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Issue tracker for Depression Client.
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This is the offical github for Depression Hacked Client changelogs & issues

Macro Tutorial

  • Add the Depression.jar as a dependency.
public class Bhop extends Macro {

    public Bhop() {
        super("Bhop", ActivationType.KEY_HELD, Keyboard.KEY_SPACE);

    public void onEvent(Event event) {
        if (event instanceof MoveEvent) {
            MoveEvent moveEvent = (MoveEvent) event;
            if (!mc.getPlayer().isPlayerMoving() || mc.getPlayer().isInLiquid())
            if (mc.getPlayer().isOnGround()) {
                moveEvent.setMovementSpeed(mc.getPlayer().getMovementSpeed() * 2);

    public List<Class<?>> classPool() {
        List<Class<?>> classes = new ArrayList<>();
        return classes;

  • Download: Test Bhop Macro
  • After that you drag the macro in the macros folder (.minecraft/Depression/macros)

Depression 1.6 Changelog ( Not out yet )

  • Added NoHurtCam

Depression 1.5 Changelog

  • Added an expand scaffold
  • Added HypixelHop
  • Added Smoothing to Aura
  • Recoded RayCast
  • Recoded TabGui
  • Added Chams
  • Fixed Nametags
  • Made ChestESP better
  • Improvments to Ambiance
  • Added a new fly mode for hypixel
  • Added Mineplex speed
  • Added DAC Hop
  • Added DAC OnGround
  • Added DAC Fly
  • Added DAC Glide up fly
  • Added more insults to killsult
  • Added BlockHit Module
  • Added custom blockit mode
  • Added Smoothing in killaura
  • Fixed AutoHeal Bug with invalid hotbar selection
  • Updated ChestSteal delay in preset command for hypixel
  • Added Hypixel NoFall to hypixel preset
  • Added a new Hypixel Longjump (Hypixel2)
  • Added a DAC LongJump
  • Recoded TabGui
  • Added a info hud when tabgui is not used

Depression 1.4 Changelog

  • New Bypassing Hypixel Fly
  • Added AutoBlock (working on Hypixel)
  • Added KillSult Module
  • Added Bypassing Hypixel NoFall
  • Added Boost To Scaffold
  • Added OnGround Hypixel Speed
  • Changed .preset Hypixel
  • Added Command Predictions
  • Fixed alot of bugs
  • Added Chat Bypass Module
  • Added AutoDisable To Killaura And ChestStealer
  • Added PlayerInfo To Killaura
  • Added Mineplex Antibot
  • Changed Killaura Rotations
  • Added .vclip Command
  • Added Only Chests Option To ChesStealer Module
  • Added Option To Inventory Cleaner So It Does Not Turn Off
  • Added Macros
  • Added A box above the player that you are hitting with killaura
  • Added FionaPort
  • Added SpartanHop
  • Added NoGround NoFall
  • Added ThridPerson Player Model Rotation
  • Added Hypixel LongJump
  • Made Hypixel Fly Faster
  • Fixed a clickgui bug
  • Added Depression Capes to Developers
  • Added Latest Version Checker
  • Added Hypixel Crits
  • Added Sneak With 2 Modes (Spoof & Normal)
  • Added A Tick Aura (Bypasses Hypixel)
  • Fixed a bug with scaffold not switching to original slot when disabled
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