A4 paper format version of the fancy Friggeri CV LaTex template
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Fork of the ShareLateX version of the Friggeri CV from Adrien Friggeri changed to render in A4 paper format. There is also a new option nocolors to disable use of colors in section headers.


Run make pdf to create the PDF (cv.pdf). See make help for an overview of available targets.

This template needs the following dependencies installed:

  • TikZ (header)
  • XeTex and fontspec (custom fonts)
  • biblatex/biber (publications)
  • textpos (aside)


  • print: renders in black and white, and reverts the header to dark on light
  • nocolors: no colors in section headers (but still use dark header)


MIT License, Copyright (C) 2017, Marvin Frommhold