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A Berzerk remake
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A Berzerk Remake
By Deps and ippa


A Berzerk remake. You are a human with a laser gun. There will be robots. And they will be
bent upon your destruction. 

This game is free! If you paid for it you have been scammed!

Written in ruby, using Gosu and Chingu


Move with arrow keys. Hold space and press a direction to fire the laser.
No, you cannot move move while shooting, but neither can the robots.

The robots are mindless killing machines, and will accidentally bump into walls, or each other, 
and kill themselves. They might also shoot each other in the back. Use that to your advantage.

Don't dwell too long in a room. If you do you will be hunted down by Evil Otto. He doesn't like
people dwelling in his rooms. He cannot die either, so don't try and shoot him. Robots that get
in Evil Ottos way will be crushed, so use that to your advantage as well.

Oh, and stay away from explosions. Robots explode when they die. It's not healthy for you, 
or other robots.

You will die. You cannot avoid that. Mistakes will be made, you will fail to dodge that laser,
or you took that turn to sharp and touched the wall. It's part of the fun. 

Welcome to your destruction. Get a highscore and have fun!


- Draw a floor for the maze
- High score list added and name entry
- Credits menu
- Settings menu
- Refactor!
- Eat cake


- None :D
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