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Commits on Oct 8, 2010
  1. Tag files for tagging versions

    Hallison Batista authored
  2. The main module and all tasks have been simplified

    Hallison Batista authored Hallison Batista committed
Commits on Oct 23, 2009
  1. Enhancements for version 0.9.1

    Hallison Batista authored
    * Deprecation warning message has been included in Postview::Application
      module. The blog application is Postview::Application::Blog.
    * The source of the main application has been placed into
    * The fixtures for test application source have been added.
    * Small fixes in the test sources.
    * Small fixes in tasks
    * All documentation in classes and modules have been updated.
    * The file `lib/postview/version.rb` has been removed. It's unneeded.
    * Fix in task `gem:spec` to open `postview.gemspec` file
      in writable mode for add new specifications.
Commits on Sep 17, 2009
  1. Enhancements and improvements for version 0.8.0

    Hallison Batista authored
    * Enhancements
      * Added helper methods for improves all theme views source.
      * Added core extensions.
      * Added new instance variables for helpers.
      * Added fixtures for all tests.
    * Improvements
      * Documentation in sources.
      * Added a extension for generates test methods from descriptions.
Commits on Sep 10, 2009
  1. New features and enhancements for version 0.7.0

    Hallison Batista authored
    * Features
      * Postview is a RubyGems project.
      * Added executable for creates new Postview blogs.
      * Added support to themes.
      * CLI and commands have been added in application libraries.
    * Enhancements
      * Added basic classes and files for version and information about project.
      * Support to creates default Postview theme have been added.
      * Default views have been updated to default theme.
      * Added new images and logos in default theme.
      * The helper methods have been separated from application.
      * The method "mapping" has been renamed to "sections".
      * Added patches for Ruby v1.8.5.
      * Added creation of Rakefile in new Postview blogs.
      * Fixes for new features of the Postage API.
    * Improvements
      * Updates in application class to new features of the Sinatra::Mapping.
      * Updates in CLI commands. Need fix to load the production environment.
      * Updated method for synchronize.
      * Removed archive tags path.
      * Change host attribute name.
      * Updated methods and constants to path of directories.
      * Updates all tests to new features.
      * Improvements in method that creates file.
      * Updates in the settings and site classes.
  2. Features and enhancements for version 0.6.0.

    Hallison Batista authored
    * Added task for build settings file.
    * Added task for build rackup file.
    * Default root path has been added in settings.
    * Improvements in synchronize tasks.
    * Fixes in the page keywords.
    * All tasks have been added in the rakefile.
  3. Features and enhancements for version 0.5.0.

    Hallison Batista authored
    * Task for synchronize post files has been added.
    * New instructions in README file.
    * Added instructions in task for new post.
    * Fixes and updates in settings.
    * Default values have been added in settings.
    * All views have been improved.
    * All views for new helper methods have been updated.
    * All tests have been fixed.
    * Mapping class has been removed in favour of Sinatra::Mapping extension.
    * All methods in the application have been updated for new methods of the
      Sinatra::Mapping extension.
Commits on Jul 9, 2009
  1. Features for version 0.3.1.

    Hallison Batista authored
    * Added individual tasks.
    * Added default settings to fix errors.
  2. Features for version 0.3.0.

    Hallison Batista authored
    * Added render wrapper method for simplified local variables in views.
    * Support for listing drafts.
    * Added new mapping for list all drafts.
    * Added rescue errors in settings file not found.
Commits on Jul 7, 2009
  1. Features for version 0.2.0.

    Hallison Batista authored
    * The helper methods were improved.
    * Improvements in routes and settings.
    * Added class for mapping route paths.
    * All tests and views were fixed.
    * Improved methods in settings class.
    * Improved initialize method in site, finder and mapping.
  2. Features for version 0.1.0.

    Hallison Batista authored
    * All posts are loaded from files.
    * All attributes for a post are loaded from a file name.
    * Support for tags, archiving and search.
    * Support for configuration of routes and directories for posts and
    * Lightweight interface.
Commits on May 29, 2009
  1. First commit.

    Hallison Batista authored
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