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Deque Accessibility iOS Framework

This framework was designed to help you make your app more accessible for the unsighted. It provides modified versions of common UIControllers and UIViews from which your views can inherit, as well as extra useful methods.

Getting started

To install this framework into your own project, clone/download this repository. Once it’s downloaded, unzip the file and go to the “Products” folder. Then simply drag and drop the DQA11y.framework into your Xcode project. Below are the instructions to generate documentation for the DQA11y framework.

  1. Install and open Doxygen, which was used to create this app’s documentation. You can find Doxygen here.
  2. If you haven’t already, download or clone this repository. Unzip it, and open up the config file in Doxygen, which should be in the root folder of the repository.
  3. All settings should already be configured for you. If they are not, make sure that the config file was downloaded correctly.
  4. Click “Run” at the top of the Doxygen program (next to “Expert”) and click “Run doxygen.” Once the output has completed, click “Show HTML output.” A browser will open with the documentation.


iOS 8.1 or later

XCode 6.3.1 or later

iOS SDK 8.3

Contributor Information

To get started, sign the CLA here. For more information, see our blog posts here.

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