Attest for Android Accessibility Suite

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Deque's Accessibility Tool Suite for the Android Mobile Development Platform.

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Attest for Android is an Automated Accessibility Analysis library that can be integrated by your Development Team to support accessibility as a foundation of your Development Processes.

Screenshot of an example Code test.

It can also be used by your your QA/Accessibility Teams to analyze your application at run time, along with the Attest for Android Desktop Client and Accessibility Service. Development Teams can also utilize this ability to access advanced accessibility debugging information.

The Service can also be utilized, along with third party automation frameworks (EX: Calabash), to add Accessibility Testing to these workflows. Simply start our service in the background during your test runs and parse results from our REST API.

We're Here to Help

If you have problems getting started with this project or even just a question about Mobile Accessibility, please post an issue to this repository!

Save Development Time with Analysis and Debugging Tools

Connect your device/emulator to our Desktop Client and analyze any screen from your live application. Highlight any detected error uncovered by the analysis for clarity. The highlight occurs in the Screenshot on the Desktop Client, so once you do an analysis, you don't need to remain connected to your device to explore your results.

Items that TalkBack would want to focus get highlighted in TalkBack green. This helps Developers understand how TalkBack is interacting with their application and saves them time in turning TalkBack on and off during development.

Collaborate with Screenshots that Include View Information

Capture screenshots along with Accessibility View Hierarchy.

  • Explore Accessibility Focusable Elements as you hover the screenshot.
  • Access accessibility hierarchy as a traversable document.
  • Share these screenshots as easy as saving HTML in your Browser!

Manage Risk by Adding Accessibility to your CD Process

Utilize our automated testing API to get accessibility results from your UI Tests. Within your tests you can

  • Throw Exceptions for Critical Failures.
  • Simply print out an Accessibility Report for that View.
  • Only raise failures on certain Checks or Views.
  • Approach remediation at your organizations pace.

Screenshot of an example Code test.

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