A simple application that demonstrates the difficulties faced by VoiceOver users in using simple Native iOS Applications. Each story shows a simple scenario, how it can be made inaccessible, and then how these issues can be fixed!
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Deque University for iOS

Welcome to the git repository for Deque University for iOS! If you are looking for the Android version, we also have [Accessibility 101 for Android](https://github.com/dequelabs/Accessibility-101-Android).

This app is a set of demos and informational stories that demonstrate best practices when coding for accessibility.

Getting Started

To learn more about accessibility and this project, click here. If you would like documentation about this app, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Install and open Doxygen, which was used to create this app’s documentation.
  2. If you haven’t already, download or clone this repository. Unzip it, and open up the config file in Doxygen, which should be in the root folder of this repository.
  3. All settings should already be configured for you. If they are not, make sure that the config file was downloaded correctly.
  4. Click “Run” at the top of the Doxygen program (next to “Expert”) and click “Run doxygen.” Once Doxygen is finished running, click “Show HTML output.” A browser will open with the documentation.


iOS 8.1 or later

XCode 6.3.1 or later

iOS SDK 8.3

Demo List

- Accessibility Labels - Accessibility Hints - Accessibility Traits - Nested Accessibility - Dynamic Type - Dynamic Notifications - Modal Dialogs - Top Bar Contrast (for iPads only) - Forms Validation - Updating Content

The app also has a global VoiceOver Simulation, so that sighted users can see for themselves what an accessibility issue does from the perspective of an unsighted user.

Contributor Information

To get started, sign the CLA here.