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Attest iOS Framework Documentation

This Wiki is THE OFFICIAL source of documentation for Deque's Attest for iOS Accessibility framework. The Deque University App provides a series of demos that show basic accessibility issues and how Attest can help you identify and fix these issues. When this project builds it will fetch a (free or full) version of the Attest.framework. In order to do so you will need an API Key. See Getting Started for more information.

The free version provides full access to our Color Contrast analysis rule and the total number of violations found. However, details for the rest of the rules are hidden. Contact a Deque representative if you are interested in licensing the full version of the product.

New Feature - Share Screenshots with Embedded Accessibility Info!

View Results in Browser

Attach a simple service to your application and view accessibility analysis results in Browser. Notice the Color Contrast issue highlighted in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of an emulator next to Attest Results display in browser.

Share and Collaborate with Advanced Accessibility Tools

Save time and collaborate with Accessibility Debugging Tools. Get a screenshot along with the current hierarchy of elements delivered to Assistive Technologies. This can speed up remediation and help you understand why various Accessibility Issues are occurring. It also allows you to share this information with those on your team that have Accessibility expertise.

Screenshot of an emulator next to a browser with Chrome DevTools showing the views Accessibility Hierarchy.

Deliver Continuously Using the Automated API

Utilize our automated testing API to get accessibility results from your UI Tests. Then within your tests you can

  • Highlight Results and capture screenshots.
  • Throw Exceptions for Critical Failures.
  • Simply print out an Accessibility Report for that View.

Screenshot of an emulator next to XCode showing an Attest Accessibility Report.

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