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Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • #294 - A case where autodetect off was not fully trusting the author for Aircraft exports
  • An uncaught spelling mistake __upgradeLocRot vs __updateLocRot. The fix for the updater altering the animation types was written for object's dataref animations and bone's dataref animation troubles. However, with this spelling mistake and Blender's uncanny ability to eat exceptions from addons, it wasn't realized until later that bone's weren't also getting updated. Fortunately, the updater can be run-again without fear of messing something else up.

Do I need to re-run the updater to fix my Bone's Animation Types?

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do you have animated bones with datarefs?
  • Have you noticed that they are not working or have their animation types screwed up?

If you answered yes for both, read the next section. Otherwise, don't worry about it!

Can I safely re-run the updater to fix my Bone's Animation Types?

  • Did you avoid or reverse Animation Types getting corrupted during 3.3.9 (See note) and/or 3.4.0-beta.1 releases?**
  • Did you NOT make changes to the bone's dataref animation types?

If you answered yes for both, read the next section.

Re-running the updater

At the bottom of the Scene Settings, check "Plugin Development Tools". Use the Re-run Updater tool at the bottom: Put in 3.3.12 in "Fake Version", and click the button. Make backups and Please e-mail me if you have problems!

What was the 3.3.9 unofficial release?

There was no real 3.3.9 release, its just the name I'm giving for the code pushed at e8b4173. Some people chose to get the latest (and obviously not greatest) code which started the LocRot headache sooner for them than waiting for 3.4.0-beta.1.

Did I ever use the 3.3.9 unofficial release?

  • Do you use git to get code?
  • Did you checkout, directly from git, the commit e8b417334675564, (committed 8/7/2017 4:31:13 PM), "Removes loc/rot from properties, adds auto-upgrade of said properties to just Transform. In addition, it also comments out the propfile ui compontent that we removed the property for"

If you answered yes for both of these you probably did!


  • Some spelling and capitalization in the UI. Great care has been taken to ensure that none of the actual value or order of the addon properties has changed!