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Scenery & Cockpit import & export scripts for Blender and the X-Plane Flight Simulator
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This addon for Blender 2.5x makes it possible to export Objects to the X-Plane object format (.obj).


- Blender 2.57a or higher
- Python 3.1 or higher


Platform indipendent:

1. If you don't have already, create a blender-scripts folder somewhere on your hard disc. Within that folder create an "addons" folder.
2. Copy the folder io_xplane2blender into the "addons" folder.
3. Open up Blender, go to File > User preferences > File and there select the previously created blender-scripts folder under "Scripts"
4. Close Blender and continue with Activation described below.

Windows (alternative method):

Depending on what option you have choosen during installation you must place the folder io_xplane2blender and its contents in different directories:
- "Use the Application Data directory": If you've choosen this option place io_xplane2blender into "[Documents and Settings]\[user]\[Application data]\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.5x\scripts\addons"
- "Use installation directory": If you've choosen this option place io_xplane2blender into "[Path to installed Blender]\2.5x\scripts\addons". The path to the installed Blender is usually "C:\Programs\Blender Foundation\Blender".
- "I have defined a %HOME% variable, please install files here.": If you've choosen this options place io_xplane2blender into "[%HOME%]\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.5x\scripts\addons".
Contiunue with the Activation described below.

1. Open up Blender and go to File > User preferences
2. In User preferences open up the Tab "Add-Ons" and scroll down the list till you see "Import/Export: Import/Export XPlane".
3. Click the checkbox right to this entry. If no error occurs in your console, you've successfully activated XPlane2Blender.


After activation you will find an additional "X-Plane" panels in various places in the Property window:
- All Objects will have this panel in the Object context/tab.
- All Mesh-Objects will have this panel in the Material context/tab.
- All Bones will have this panel in the Bone context/tab.
- All Lamps will have this panel in the Lamp context/tab.
- All Scenes will have this panel in the Scene context/tab.

Before you can start to export Blender scenes to OBJ files you need to create the X-Plane layers within each scene you want to export under the Scene context/tab.

However the panel contents will vary from Object-Type.
As UI-Paradigms are not entirely finished now this is also subject to change.
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