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Welcome to the XPlane2Blender wiki!

XPlane2Blender is a script for the 3D-Graphics suite Blender (www.blender3d.org) which allows importing and exporting objects and planes for the Flight Simulator X-Plane (www.x-plane.com) from within Blender.

The original script was created by Marginal from the x-plane.org forums some time ago, but then left orphan for a long time. Unfortunately no one has been able to contact Marginal about this. Since 2009 there is development again implied by Zac De'Cou and Kieran from the x-plane.org forums and some improvements have been made. In 2011 development came to a stop again and so danklaue and der_On from the x-plane.org forums decided to continue on the script and make the Version 3.10 of the script (which is compatible with Blender 2.49b) final and then porting the script to Blender 2.5 which is out since 2011 and now feature rich and stable.

Eventually Marginal continued development on the original script for Blender 2.49.

The port to Blender 2.6 includes a refacture in terms of workflow and internal data-structures to make the script more usable and flexible to adopt faster to future versions of X-Plane. The script is now actively maintained by der_On and already X-Plane 10 compatible, while preserving X-Plane 9.x compatibility.



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