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Webdesktop based on ExtJs4 and Zend Framework
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What is the WebDesktop ?

The Webdesktop is an online desktop written in ExtJs4 as frontend and Zend Framework as backend. It is used as a sample project to use the MVC pattern from ExtJs4 and ZendFramework.

HowTo Install?

  • Clone from the GitHub Project page at
  • Download ExtJs4 and Zend Framework
    • Extract ExtJs4 in the folder lib/Ext/
    • Extract Zend Framework in the folder src/library/Zend/

Now there are two ways:


  • open a shell and go to the installer directory
  • edit the 5 variables at the top (path, db credentials)
  • run "php setup.php"

Second (manually):

  • Edit the configuration files
  • Create a MySQL Database and import the db structure
  • Secure your configuration files! (see Security)
  • Set an Admin password with genAdmin.php

Edit the configuration files

There are two main configuration files from the Zend Framework Backend

  1. src/application/configs/application.ini - the main application configuration
  2. src/application/configs/webdesktop.ini - webdesktop specific paths

In file application.ini change the following config options:


In file webdesktop.ini you have to modify every path related line


The downloadable files from the GitHub Repo have the ./src folder, containing all Zend Framework relevant stuff in the main httpdocs folder. For security reasons your should move this folder to a secure loction. This could be any path, that is not accessable via http (or other). Then you have to change the application path in the index.php

// Define path to application directory
    || define('APPLICATION_PATH', realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . '/src/application'));

An other way is to change the permissons on the ./src folder with chmod.

IMPORTANT: If you do not secure your configuration files, your credentials to database, the password salt and so on are readable for everyone!!!

More Informations

The installation script is just a very quick one and should be seen as a temporary solution.

First setup/Forgot Admin password

If you setup the script or lost your admin password you cannot change the password in the database directly, because a salted MD5 hash as password is used. To generate a salted MD5 hash for your password, run the script "genAdmin.php" and use phpMyAdmin or simple shell mysql and update the column uu_passwort in the user_users table for your user. After a fresh installation it will look something like this:

UPDATE `user_users` SET `uu_passwort` = '<PUT THE HASH HERE>' WHERE `user_users`.`uu_id` = 2;

Additional informations

  • This is my first public project ever
  • This is my first ExtJS4 project
  • This is my first Zend Framework project
  • This is my first GitHub, no wait, this is my first version controlled project
  • This is my first MarkDown file

Please consider this and be patient - although critics and improvments very welcome!

Regards, Andreas

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