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0.0.1 - Initial Drop
o not much there yet...
0.0.2 -
o Added mongo auth
o Added collection/db views
0.0.3 -
o Added collection crud
o Refactored view code
0.0.4 - Winter cleaning!
o Fixed issue on over extending cookies. Ie mongo3 suffered amnesia. Switching to memcache
o Using memcache for session store - will need a local memcache server on default port!
o Added confirm dialog on clear and drop
o Bug fixes and some refactor
0.0.5 - Lots of changes... Yeah!
o cleaned up ui
o added edit on main context window
o added index crud for collection
0.0.6 - Bug fixes and minor cleanups
0.0.7 - Big changes !
o Added user administration - should be able to crub users on zone now
o Added mongo based session store using mongo_rack. (Per Kyle's suggestion! ). This is now the default session store.
You can alternatively still use memcache ( see README for instructions )
o Bug fixes and some cleanup
0.0.8 - Bug fixes and clean up
0.0.9 - Bug fixes and clean up
0.1.0 - Big improvements!
o Added better support for docs and embedded docs.
o Change navigation to make it easier to drilldown ( Tx Tyler !).
o More tests
o Improved browser support for saf and chrome - sorry don't do windoze ;-(
o Updated dependencies
o Bugs and fixes
0 Bugs and fixes
o Updated to mongo ruby 1.0.1 - Fixed issue with lib breakage on OrderedHash
o Updated to sinatra rev 1.3.2 and bug fixes