BSON dependencies collide with mongodb #23

johnjohndoe opened this Issue Apr 29, 2012 · 2 comments

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I realized there is a problem running mongo3 when mongodb has been installed as follows on Ubuntu 10.10.

sudo apt-get install mongodb

I did not manage to compile mongodb from the sources as stated here. Therefore, the installation of mongodb depends on bson 1.5.2. However, mongo3 seems to require bson >= 1.6.0. When I start the application the following error is printed to the console.

$ mongo3                            
    `block in activate_dependencies': can't satisfy 'bson (>= 1.6.0)', 
    already activated 'bson-1.5.2' (Gem::LoadError)

Can you describe a way to encapsulate the bson gems for mongodb and mongo3?


me too


Any solution for this?

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