Entire app behaves wonky after 1.5 million rows in one collection. #26

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I was just evaluating the use of mongo3 for a production, and one of the key concerns when choosing our mongodb admin interface is how well it handles big amounts of data. The pagination works flawlessly in mongo3, but once I inserted a couple of million of rows, it started behaving unpredictably:

  • The collection with the large number of documents registers as having the correct amount of documents in the database view, but in the collection view, none of them are found. Oddly enough and most importantly; this affects all collection views, even unrelated ones.
  • Two unrelated collections in the same db that previously worked started yielding 500s. All others work but do not show any results.

To reproduce, just run: for(x=1; x<10000000 ; x++) { db.test_collection.insert({'key': x}) }; in mongo.

I used gem install to get 0.1.5.

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