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Racer change history


Mostly bug fixes

  • Simple implementation of count() query aggregation
  • Support for exists() query
  • add waitFetch convenience method for fetching only after connecting
  • Fix specifying Browserify debug mode
  • Fix re-initailzation of queries in browser
  • Fix lots of session bugs
  • Fix lots of query bugs


Add initial support for authorization and access control


This was mostly a re-write for a more robust query, filter, and sort API.

  • Queries must be declared via store.query.expose()
  • Implemment local filtering and sorting API over data with model.filter() and model.sort()
  • model.subscribe() and model.fetch() callbacks now receive a scoped model to the query result if subscribing to or fetching a query
  • Implemment model.add() method for adding objects to a collection. It generates a and saves the object with that id as its property automatically
  • Update model.ref() method signature for scoped models to require a to argument that is a subpath
  • Fix bug with commit ordering for mutations that are the result of another mutation's event emissions
  • Start converting Coffee source files to JS
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