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racer : 0.3.13
derby : 0.3.13
racer-db-mongo : 0.3.13

I have these queries.

peopleOlderThan = model.query('people').olderThan(50)
peopleFrom = model.query('people').from('Lisbon')

I subscribe them, in either of these ways:

model.subscribe peopleOlderThan, peopleFrom, (err, seniors, peopleFrom) -> 


model.subscribe peopleOlderThan, (err, seniors) -> 
        model.subscribe peopleFrom, (err, residents) -> 

When I subscribe them, I get the following error

      throw new Error('Uncaught edge case: ' + method + ' ' + require('util').
Error: Uncaught edge case: set { '0':
   [ 'people.502a5385769d510064000001',
     { name: 'Pedro Abrunhosa',
       age: 52,
       city: 'Lisbon',
       nif: '66666',
       id: 502a5385769d510064000001 } ],
   { name: 'Pedro Abrunhosa',
     age: 52,
     city: 'Lisbon',
     id: 502a5385769d510064000001 } }
    at Model._1 (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\descriptor\query\scope.js:187:13)
    at Model.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:115:20)
    at (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\refs\index.js:39:19)
    at Model.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:91:17)
    at Model.module.exports.proto._addData (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\descriptor\descriptor.Model.js:162:16)
    at module.exports.proto.subscribe (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\descriptor\descriptor.Model.js:87:14)
    at Object.module.exports.server._addSub._clientIdPromise.on.res.send (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\descriptor\descriptor.Model.js:208:13)
    at (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\pubSub\pubSub.Store.js:120:39)
    at (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\descriptor\descriptor.Store.js:105:27)
    at (C:\LogViewer\node_modules\derby\node_modules\racer\lib\descriptor\query\query.Store.js:72:17)


switz commented Dec 3, 2012

I've been getting this error too. Not sure exactly why it's happening, but it has something to do with the id property not being matched correctly. If you force the id toString() (scope.js) then this fixes the issue. The underlying issue is probably something I changed in my code, however. I'm going to keep digging around.


nateps commented Jun 4, 2013

No longer relevant in 0.5

nateps closed this Jun 4, 2013

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