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Many changes at once cause erratic behavior #44

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I have some code which calls many gets and sets at once in rapid succession (whether by _.each or async.forEach). The issue is this: sometimes when the code is called, the mutations never get sent to the server - such that on a refresh, the objects are as they were before. Sometimes when that happens, upon refresh the server jumps into a model.set() loop which attempts to call the previously failed sets forever and eventually crashes the server.

This has been my #1 issue as long as I've been developing my app, but I've never been able to pinpoint it enough to file a specific issue - and it happens intermittently. The code starts here (it's spaghetti right now, I'm cleaning it up). I've always assumed it's either because I'm calling set() too fast back-to-back, but it's just a theory. I've also tried model._memory.flush() immediately after all the sets are finished to try to force-commit the changes (is that the right function to call?), but to no avail.

Maybe I should create a video of the problem, it's kinda funky & hard to explain - but definitely debilitating.


No longer relevant in 0.5

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