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Protos Build Status

Protos is a Web Application Framework for Node.js. Runs on Linux, FreeBSD & OSX.



npm install protos

Install (globally):

sudo npm install -g protos


Create a project:

protos create myapp

Create a minimal project:

protos create myapp --minimal

Start server:

node boot.js

Deploy application:

protos start

Stop deployed application:

protos stop

Deployed application status:

protos status

Start production server on port 8000:

protos server --env production --port 8000

Start server and make a CURL request:

node boot.js -X GET /

Command Line Help:

protos --help


  • Regex-based Routing
  • Environment based configuration
  • Event based IPC
  • Hot Code Reloading
  • Authentication & Filters
  • SSL Server Support
  • Database Drivers: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Storages for Caching and Sessions: MongoDB, Redis, SQLite
  • ORM Models API
  • View Engines: Handlebars, Swig, Hogan.js, EJS, Jade
  • Debugging using Webkit Inspector
  • Built-in Shortcode Parser
  • File Downloads, JSON Responses
  • File-based API
  • File-based Request Handlers
  • File-based Configuration
  • File-based Event Handlers
  • File-based Extensions
  • Code Generation
  • Deployment commands


  • Static File Server
  • Asset Compiler and Minifier: LESS, Stylus, Sass, CoffeeScript
  • Image Processing: GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick
  • Logger with Transports: File, JSON, MongoDB, Redis
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Body Parser
  • Cookie Parser
  • CSRF Protection
  • Markdown Parser
  • Mailer
  • REPL
  • BCrypt
  • Sessions


protos is MIT Licensed