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Mongrel2 C Handler: libm2handler

A C library for handling requests from Mongrel2. Includes a suite of sample handlers to get you up and running.


mongrel2 Installed and configured to your liking. If you are trying out the sample handlers use ./ in the deployment folder.



This software was developed with valgrind in hand.

valgrind --leak-check=full --gen-suppressions=yes ./mongrel_handler

It throws a real shit fit about "Syscall param socketcall.sendto(msg) points to uninitialised byte(s)" and I have no idea how to work around it. It sounds harmless.

AND I QUOTE ( This (common) problem is caused by writing to a socket (or a file) bytes derived from a structure which has alignment padding, which is uninitialised. That is harmless, but the problem is I don't know of a general way to suppress these errors which doesn't also potentially hide real bugs when you mistakenly write uninitialised data to a file/ socket. The best I can suggest is to do a case-by-case suppression yourself (--gen-suppressions=yes is your friend). END QUOTE

Sample Handlers

From inside of lib run 'make test' to build all the handlers.

Test the WebSocket support (1) cd deployment && ./ && ./ (2) cd handler && make test && ./ws_handshake_handler (2) Open http://localhost:6767/ in Chrome (testing on 9.whatever and 10.whatever), browse to sample.

Testing body_toupper_handler I use three terminal sessions: (1) cd deployment && ./ && ./ # Mongrel2 is up (2) cd handler && make test && ./body_toupper_handler (3) curl localhost:6767/body_to_upper_handler -d "hello handler" -v

The curl session should spit back the data but capitalized.

Testing fifo_reader_handler Now we'll use four sessions (1) As before (2) cd handler && make test && ./fifo_reader_handler (3) curl http://localhost:6767/fifo_reader_handler (4) cd handler && cat Makefile > handler_pipe You will see the Makefile in the curl session.


Feel free to send me through github. Patches are welcome (and how!)! I'm also on

Author: Xavier Lange License: My code is MIT. My websocket code uses the md5 function from PolarSSL -- that one is GPL.


Home of libm2handler. A mongrel2 handler library for C.



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