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* API Changes
* AX::FetchResponse::fromSuccessResponse - return null when AX
response arguments are absent
* Alter AX fromOpenIDRequest() to take Auth_OpenID_AuthRequest
object instead of Auth_OpenID_Message object so that it matches
its counterpart methods in SREG and PAPE extensions.
* PAPE (Provider Authentication Policy Extension) module
* Updated extension for specification draft 2
* Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::fromSuccessResponse returns None if
PAPE response arguments were not signed
* Added functions to generate request/response HTML forms with
auto-submission javascript
* Consumer (relying party) API:
* Server API: Auth_OpenID_OpenIDResponse::toHTML
* New Features
* Added examples/discover.php, an OpenID service discovery tool
* Add optional form_tag_attrs argument to
Auth_OpenID_ServerResponse::toFormMarkup for setting arbitrary
FORM element attributes
* Fetchers now only read/request first megabyte of response
* Bug Fixes
* NOT NULL constraints were added to SQLStore tables where
* Yadis discovery now properly falls back to HTML-based discovery if
it fails to get an XRDS document
* Auth_OpenID_Decoder now behaves correctly when given a protocol
message with an invalid OpenID namespace or a missing OpenID mode
* Auth_OpenID_OpenIDResponse::toFormMarkup: Use return_to from the
request, not the response fields (Not all responses (i.e. cancel,
setup_needed) include a return_to field.)
* normalize return_to URL before performing return_to verification
* Auth_OpenID_Consumer::_verifyDiscoveryResults: fall back to OpenID
1.0 type if 1.1 endpoint cannot be found
* Auth_Yadis_ParanoidHTTPFetcher now works correctly with both array
and non-array CURL versions
* Clarified licensing language in all source files
* OpenID 1 association requests no longer explicitly set
no-encryption session type
* Auth_OpenID_ServiceEndpoint::getDisplayIdentifier no longer
includes a fragment, if present, in display identifiers
* check_authentication requests: copy entire response, not just
signed fields. Fixes missing namespace in check_authentication
* Yadis discovery now includes application/xhtml+xml and qualities
in the Accept header
* Normalize URLs correctly with URINorm.php
* Auth_OpenID_MySQLStore: Use ENGINE instead of TYPE when creating