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UseYUI is a plugin for RequireJS, that let's you load YUI 3 into requireJS
version 0.1
author Wilco Fiers <>
license New BSD License
copyright Wilco Fiers, 2011
By coma seperating the module names you want YUI to preload
you can chain multiple YUI dependencies to a single instance of YUI.
<script src="YUI-min.js"></script>
<script src="require.js"></script>
// If you only want to load the core simply request UseYUI!YUI:
require(['UseYUI!YUI'], function (YUI_core) {
// do stuff with YUI core
// Or you can use coma seperated module names to load the modules you need:
require(['UseYUI!node,anim'], function (Y) {
// Do stuff with Y.anim and YUI node
UseYUI looks for the YUI property if you've used an options object on RequireJS.
To include YUI, you can either load YUI before requiring modules, or use the
config options in RequireJS to have it load YUI for you. The same RequireJS
config property also allows you to pass a config option to YUI. Use either one
of the following methods:
<script src="require.js"></script>
// load YUI without config, by setting the location on the YUI option:
require({YUI : 'yui-min.js', [],
function (Y), {
// ... application here
// Or provide a config object for YUI in the option for requirejs, and add
// src to tell UseYUI where to find YUI:
require({YUI : { src : 'yui-min.js', more_yui_config: 'here'} ... );