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Making twitter bots using Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

What is it?

Cheap Bots, Done Quick! is a platform for generative Twitter bots.

It uses Tracery to generate content from JSON source.

At it's simplest, it turns this:

  "origin" : "Hello World"

into this:

Hello World

Tokens (wrapped with a hash like #this#) are expanded from this:

  "origin" : "Hello #planets#",
  "planets" : ["Mercury", "Venus", "Mars", "Earth"]

into any of these (it picks a value randomly each time it runs):

Hello Mercury
Hello Venus
Hello Mars
Hello Earth

SVG and dynamic content

Now plain text tweets are great, but the reason that I love Cheap Bots Done Quick is that you can create and tweet images using SVG. Also, you can create dynamic content using Javascript in SVG - for example, writing the date, or loading external content.

Here are a few bots that use SVG to create random images

@sadkeanubot @badphotoquality @time4gametheory @shakyinsultbot
places a pic of Sad Keanu on a random photo of a chair applies blur or posterise filter to worsen a photo and overlays the date overlays the "Guys, it's time..." text on a random New Yorker cartoon generates Shakespeare insults
view the source view the source view the source view the source

Image twitter bot tutorials

Other Cheap Bots Done Quick tutorials


Making twitter bots using Cheap Bots Done Quick




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