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At my company, we use Skype for Business to communicate with each other. I liked the idea of setting my status to “busy” when I left for lunch and “available” when I came back. The problem was, I was always forgetting to set it back because S4B sits in the very bottom corner of my 4 monitor setup. So I made this simple program with 3 main features: a large “Busy” button, a large “Available” button, and a timer. Clicking the busy button sets S4B status to Busy and starts the timer (Available stops the timer and changes the status back). A couple bonus features are that the timer will beep as it gets close to 1 hour (the length of my lunch break), will snap to the mouse (and turn red) when the time is up, and is always-on-top so that it can’t be accidentally hidden by any other windows.


Bonus features

SkypeStatus not only sets the S4B status, but also interacts with Slack (setting the "status" text) and the Go Fucking Work Chrome extension (pausing it).

This is entirely a personal project for me, but if you can find it useful and have any questions, please let me know

Special thanks to Tom Morgan, author of the thoughtstuff blog, for making an entire post to help me with this project! You can see that here:

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