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A Chrome extension for coloring Trello cards based on labels
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Trello Bug Feature Colors

This is a Chrome extension to color Trello cards that have the label "Bug" or "Feature". The color of the card will be based off the color of the label.

You can install this Chrome extension from here:


This extension has been based off of another extension: Card Colors for Trello. Therefore, most of the credit for this extension goes to that developer

In Card Colors for Trello, there are only two options for coloring cards: "Use first label" or "Merge all label colors". I didn't want that. I wanted my Trello cards to be colored based on only two things: whether the label says "Feature" or "Bug".

The way I did this was to implement a "label priority" list (content.js). Because of this, you can technically adjust this to accommodate any priority and the cards will be colored based on the color of the label matched first in the priority list.

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