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Clustered/Stacked Filled Bar Graph Generator

Cluster example Stack example

I wanted a scriptable bar graph generator for my PhD thesis that supported stacked and clustered bars, but couldn't find one that played well with latex and had all the features I wanted, so I built my own. I followed the scheme of Graham Williams' barchart shell script to have gnuplot produce fig output and then mangle it to fill in the bars. I added support for more than just two or three clustered datasets and support for stacked bars, as well as automatic averaging and other features.

The primary features include:

  • Stacked bars of 9+ datasets
  • Clustered bars of 8+ datasets
  • Clusters of stacked bars
  • Lets you keep your data in table format, or separated but listed in the same file, rather than requiring each dataset to be in a separate file
  • Custom gnuplot command pass-through for fine-grained customization without having a separate tool chain step outside the script
  • Bars can be pattern filled or use solid colors
  • Font face control and limited font size control
  • Automatic arithmetic or harmonic mean calculation
  • Automatic legend creation
  • Automatic legend placement in empty space inside the graph
  • Automatic sorting, including sorting into SPEC CPU 2000 integer and floating point benchmark groups
  • Error bar support

A tarball package that includes the bargraph script and sample graphs is available on BinTray.

See the official project home page for documentation and examples.