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Music Bot
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Personal Music Bot

create credentials.json in same directory as bot.js as shown below to authenticate the bot

  "email" = "",
  "password" = "password",
  "upload" = "upload details"

create folder "music" in same directory as bot.js to store music files to play

Run node bot.js to start the bot.

Can use forever to keep the bot running, and restart it if it crashes.

npm install forever

Use forever like this

forever start bot.js //start
forever stop # //stop process #
forever stopall //stop all forever processes
forever list //list all forever processes, shows # to use in stop

Requires discord.js from npm.

npm install discord.js


!join - Makes bot join the author's channel
!leave - Makes bot leave current channel
!playlist - list playlists. !playlist # to select
!list - list songs in selected playlist
!play # - plays song with index # from !list. e.g. !play 1
!skip - skip current song
!stop - stop music playback
!roll - random number 1-100
!upload - provides details on how to upload to music folder
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