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Searchable Map Template - Heroku Ready

This is a basic site template that I use to kick off a lot of my map projects. Uses Fusion Tables, Ruby, Sinatra, Haml and Twitter Bootstrap with tie-ins to Heroku for hosting and Google Analytics.

For help setting up your Fusion Table for use with this template, see the original Searchable Map Template Readme

See the working demo


  git clone
  cd site_template
  gem install bundler
  navigate to http://localhost:8080/

Deploy to Heroku

Heroku is a cloud hosting platform that can host small Ruby apps (among others) for free. Deploying is built on top of git, so it helps to be familiar with those commands. More info:

  heroku create name-of-your-app
  # make sure all of your changes are committed
  git push heroku master

Setup for fusion_tables gem

To access Fusion Tables in more advanced ways, you will need to setup the fusion_tables gem connection by providing a Google account and password.

  cp config/config.yml.example config/config.yml
  # set the Google account and password you want to use to access your Fusion Table
  # navigate to http://localhost:8080/location_list to see a demonstration

When you want to deploy to Heroku, you will need to set your account, password and api key as Heroku config variables. For more info, see

  heroku config:add google_account=youraccount
  heroku config:add google_password=yourpassword
  heroku config:add google_api_key=yourapikey


This template comes with hooks in to Heroku's memcache plugin for caching pages. To set up memcache on heroku:

  heroku addons:add memcache

Then uncomment these lines in application.rb

  cache_control :public, max_age: 1800  # 30 min

Flushing the cache

To clear the cache manually, just load http://[your app]/flush_cache in your browser.

If you want to get fancy, you can also set up a Heroku HTTP deploy hook to clear the cache every time you push to Heroku. In the command line:

  heroku addons:add deployhooks:http --url=http://[your app]/flush_cache


Errors / Bugs

If something is not behaving intuitively, it is a bug, and should be reported. Report it here:

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Commit and send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.


Copyright (c) 2013 Derek Eder. Released under the MIT License.

See LICENSE for details


⚠️ DEPRECATED: Searchable Map Template stuffed in to a Sinatra app with hooks to easily deploy to Heroku




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