RabbitBus is a .Net client API for RabbitMQ.
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Welcome to the RabbitBus project.

RabbitBus is a .Net client API for RabbitMQ.

How To Use RabbitBus

Check out the RabbitBus Wiki for instructions on using RabbitBus.

If you are new to RabbitMQ, head over to my RabbitMQ for Windows series.

Supported Versions Of RabbitMQ

RabbitBus was written to work with RabbitMQ version 0.9.1


The RabbitBus distribution has the following dependencies:

  • RabbitMQ.Client

MIT License

RabbitBus is released under the MIT License.

How To Contribute

Contributions are welcome, but will not be accepted without corresponding executable specifications. It should go without saying, but pull requests which contain changes which break existing specifications will not be accepted.