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import ConfigParser
import copy
import getpass
import logging
import os
import re
import sys
from StringIO import StringIO
import traceback
import types
import uuid
from optparse import OptionParser, OptionGroup
import basedefs
import common_utils as utils
import engine_validators as validate
import output_messages
from setup_controller import Controller
controller = Controller()
logFile = os.path.join(basedefs.DIR_LOG,basedefs.FILE_INSTALLER_LOG)
commandLineValues = {}
# List to hold all values to be masked in logging (i.e. passwords and sensitive data)
#TODO: read default values from conf_param?
masked_value_set = set()
def initLogging():
global logFile
#in order to use UTC date for the log file, send True to getCurrentDateTime(True)
logFilename = "openstack-setup_%s.log" %(utils.getCurrentDateTime())
logFile = os.path.join(basedefs.DIR_LOG,logFilename)
if not os.path.isdir(os.path.dirname(logFile)):
level = logging.INFO
level = logging.DEBUG
hdlr = logging.FileHandler(filename = logFile, mode='w')
fmts='%(asctime)s::%(levelname)s::%(module)s::%(lineno)d::%(name)s:: %(message)s'
dfmt='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'
fmt = logging.Formatter(fmts, dfmt)
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_EXP_FAILED_INIT_LOGGER)
def initSequences():
sequences_conf = [
{ 'description' : 'Initial Steps',
'condition' : [],
'condition_match' : [],
'steps' : [ { 'title' : "Noop",
'functions' : [] },]
for item in sequences_conf:
controller.addSequence(item['description'], item['condition'], item['condition_match'], item['steps'])
def initConfig():
Initialization of configuration
Param Fields:
CMD_OPTION - the command line flag to use for this option
USAGE - usage to display to the user
PROMPT - text to prompt the user with when querying this param
OPTION_LIST - if set, let the user only choose from this list as answer
VALIDATION_FUNC - Validation function for this param
DEFAULT_VALUE - the default value of this param
MASK_INPUT - should we mask the value of this param in the logs?
LOOSE_VALIDATION - (True/False) if True, and validation failed, let the user use the failed value
CONF_NAME - Name of param, must be unique, used as key
USE_DEFAULT - (True/False) Should we use the default value instead of querying the user?
NEED_CONFIRM - (True/False) Do we require the user to confirm the input(used in password fields)
CONDITION - (True/False) is this a condition for a group?
conf_params = {
Group fields:
GROUP_NAME - Name of group, used as key
DESCRIPTION - Used to prompt the user when showing the command line options
PRE_CONDITION - Condition to match before going over all params in the group, if fails, will not go into group
PRE_CONDITION_MATCH - Value to match condition with
POST_CONDITION - Condition to match after all params in the groups has been queried. if fails, will re-query all parameters
POST_CONDITION_MATCH - Value to match condition with
conf_groups = (
for group in conf_groups:
paramList = conf_params[group["GROUP_NAME"]]
controller.addGroup(group, paramList)
def _getInputFromUser(param):
this private func reads the data from the user
for the given param
loop = True
userInput = None
if param.getKey("USE_DEFAULT"):
logging.debug("setting default value (%s) for key (%s)" % (mask(param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE")), param.getKey("CONF_NAME")))
controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")] = param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE")
while loop:
# If the value was not supplied by the command line flags
if not commandLineValues.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
message = StringIO()
if type(param.getKey("OPTION_LIST")) == types.ListType and len(param.getKey("OPTION_LIST")) > 0:
message.write(" %s" % (str(param.getKey("OPTION_LIST")).replace(',', '|')))
if param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE"):
message.write(" [%s] " % (str(param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE"))))
message.write(": ")
#mask password or hidden fields
if (param.getKey("MASK_INPUT")):
userInput = getpass.getpass("%s :" % (param.getKey("PROMPT")))
userInput = raw_input(
userInput = commandLineValues[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]
# If DEFAULT_VALUE is set and user did not input anything
if userInput == "" and len(param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE")) > 0:
userInput = param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE")
# If param requires validation
if param.getKey("VALIDATION_FUNC")(userInput, param.getKey("OPTION_LIST")):
if "yes" in param.getKey("OPTION_LIST") and userInput.lower() == "y":
userInput = "yes"
if "no" in param.getKey("OPTION_LIST") and userInput.lower() == "n":
userInput = "no"
controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")] = userInput
loop = False
# If validation failed but LOOSE_VALIDATION is true, ask user
elif param.getKey("LOOSE_VALIDATION"):
answer = _askYesNo("User input failed validation, do you still wish to use it")
if answer:
loop = False
controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")] = userInput
if commandLineValues.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
del commandLineValues[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]
loop = True
# Delete value from commandLineValues so that we will prompt the user for input
if commandLineValues.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
del commandLineValues[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]
loop = True
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "" # add the new line so messages wont be displayed in the same line as the question
raise KeyboardInterrupt
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_EXP_READ_INPUT_PARAM % (param.getKey("CONF_NAME")))
def input_param(param):
this func will read input from user
and ask confirmation if needed
# We need to check if a param needs confirmation, (i.e. ask user twice)
# Do not validate if it was given from the command line
if (param.getKey("NEED_CONFIRM") and not commandLineValues.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME"))):
#create a copy of the param so we can call it twice
confirmedParam = copy.deepcopy(param)
confirmedParamName = param.getKey("CONF_NAME") + "_CONFIRMED"
confirmedParam.setKey("CONF_NAME", confirmedParamName)
confirmedParam.setKey("PROMPT", output_messages.INFO_CONF_PARAMS_PASSWD_CONFIRM_PROMPT)
confirmedParam.setKey("VALIDATION_FUNC", validate.validateStringNotEmpty)
# Now get both values from user (with existing validations
while True:
if controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")] == controller.CONF[confirmedParamName]:
logging.debug("Param confirmation passed, value for both questions is identical")
print output_messages.INFO_VAL_PASSWORD_DONT_MATCH
return param
def _askYesNo(question=None):
message = StringIO()
askString = "%s? (yes|no): "%(question)
logging.debug("asking user: %s"%askString)
rawAnswer = raw_input(
logging.debug("user answered: %s"%(rawAnswer))
answer = rawAnswer.lower()
if answer == "yes" or answer == "y":
return True
elif answer == "no" or answer == "n":
return False
return _askYesNo(question)
def _addDefaultsToMaskedValueSet():
For every param in conf_params
that has MASK_INPUT enabled keep the default value
in the 'masked_value_set'
global masked_value_set
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
for param in group.getAllParams():
# Keep default password values masked, but ignore default empty values
if ((param.getKey("MASK_INPUT") == True) and param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE") != ""):
def _updateMaskedValueSet():
For every param in conf
has MASK_INPUT enabled keep the user input
in the 'masked_value_set'
global masked_value_set
for confName in controller.CONF:
# Add all needed values to masked_value_set
if (controller.getParamKeyValue(confName, "MASK_INPUT") == True):
def mask(input):
Gets a dict/list/str and search maksked values in them.
The list of masked values in is masked_value_set and is updated
via the user input
If it finds, it replaces them with '********'
output = copy.deepcopy(input)
if type(input) == types.DictType:
for key in input:
if type(input[key]) == types.StringType:
output[key] = maskString(input[key])
if type(input) == types.ListType:
for item in input:
org = item
orgIndex = input.index(org)
if type(item) == types.StringType:
item = maskString(item)
if item != org:
output.insert(orgIndex, item)
if type(input) == types.StringType:
output = maskString(input)
return output
def removeMaskString(maskedString):
remove an element from masked_value_set
we need to itterate over the set since
calling set.remove() on an string that does not exit
will raise an exception
global masked_value_set
# Since we cannot remove an item from a set during itteration over
# the said set, we only mark a flag and if the flag is set to True
# we remove the string from the set.
found = False
for item in masked_value_set:
if item == maskedString:
found = True
if found:
def maskString(str):
# Iterate sorted list, so we won't mask only part of a password
for password in sorted(masked_value_set, utils.byLength, None, True):
if password:
str = str.replace(password, '*'*8)
return str
def _validateParamValue(param, paramValue):
validateFunc = param.getKey("VALIDATION_FUNC")
optionsList = param.getKey("OPTION_LIST")
logging.debug("validating param %s in answer file." % param.getKey("CONF_NAME"))
if not validateFunc(paramValue, optionsList):
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_EXP_VALIDATE_PARAM % param.getKey("CONF_NAME"))
def _handleGroupCondition(config, conditionName, conditionValue):
handle params group pre/post condition
checks if a group has a pre/post condition
and validates the params related to the group
# If the post condition is a function
if type(conditionName) == types.FunctionType:
# Call the function conditionName with conf as the arg
conditionValue = conditionName(controller.CONF)
# If the condition is a string - just read it to global conf
# We assume that if we get a string as a member it is the name of a member of conf_params
elif type(conditionName) == types.StringType:
conditionValue = _loadParamFromFile(config, "general", conditionName)
# Any other type is invalid
raise TypeError("%s type (%s) is not supported" % (conditionName, type(conditionName)))
return conditionValue
def _loadParamFromFile(config, section, paramName):
read param from file
validate it
and load to to global conf dict
# Get paramName from answer file
value = config.get(section, paramName)
# Validate param value using its validation func
param = controller.getParamByName(paramName)
_validateParamValue(param, value)
# Keep param value in our never ending global conf
controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")] = value
return value
def _handleAnswerFileParams(answerFile):
handle loading and validating
params from answer file
supports reading single or group params
logging.debug("Starting to handle config file")
# Read answer file
fconf = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
# Iterate all the groups and check the pre/post conditions
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
# Get all params per group
# Handle pre conditions for group
preConditionValue = True
if group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION"):
preConditionValue = _handleGroupCondition(fconf, group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION"), preConditionValue)
# Handle pre condition match with case insensitive values"Comparing pre- conditions, value: '%s', and match: '%s'" % (preConditionValue, group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION_MATCH")))
if utils.compareStrIgnoreCase(preConditionValue, group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION_MATCH")):
for param in group.getAllParams():
_loadParamFromFile(fconf, "general", param.getKey("CONF_NAME"))
# Handle post conditions for group only if pre condition passed
postConditionValue = True
if group.getKey("POST_CONDITION"):
postConditionValue = _handleGroupCondition(fconf, group.getKey("POST_CONDITION"), postConditionValue)
# Handle post condition match for group
if not utils.compareStrIgnoreCase(postConditionValue, group.getKey("POST_CONDITION_MATCH")):
logging.error("The group condition (%s) returned: %s, which differs from the excpeted output: %s"%\
(group.getKey("GROUP_NAME"), postConditionValue, group.getKey("POST_CONDITION_MATCH")))
raise ValueError(output_messages.ERR_EXP_GROUP_VALIDATION_ANS_FILE%\
(group.getKey("GROUP_NAME"), postConditionValue, group.getKey("POST_CONDITION_MATCH")))
logging.debug("condition (%s) passed" % group.getKey("POST_CONDITION"))
logging.debug("no post condition check for group %s" % group.getKey("GROUP_NAME"))
logging.debug("skipping params group %s since value of group validation is %s" % (group.getKey("GROUP_NAME"), preConditionValue))
except Exception as e:
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_EXP_HANDLE_ANSWER_FILE%(e))
def _handleInteractiveParams():
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
preConditionValue = True
logging.debug("going over group %s" % group.getKey("GROUP_NAME"))
# If pre_condition is set, get Value
if group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION"):
preConditionValue = _getConditionValue(group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION"))
inputLoop = True
# If we have a match, i.e. condition returned True, go over all params in the group"Comparing pre-conditions; condition: '%s', and match: '%s'" % (preConditionValue, group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION_MATCH")))
if utils.compareStrIgnoreCase(preConditionValue, group.getKey("PRE_CONDITION_MATCH")):
while inputLoop:
for param in group.getAllParams():
if not param.getKey("CONDITION"):
#update password list, so we know to mask them
postConditionValue = True
# If group has a post condition, we check it after we get the input from
# all the params in the group. if the condition returns False, we loop over the group again
if group.getKey("POST_CONDITION"):
postConditionValue = _getConditionValue(group.getKey("POST_CONDITION"))
if postConditionValue == group.getKey("POST_CONDITION_MATCH"):
inputLoop = False
#we clear the value of all params in the group
#in order to re-input them by the user
for param in group.getAllParams():
if controller.CONF.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
del controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]
if commandLineValues.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
del commandLineValues[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]
inputLoop = False
logging.debug("no post condition check for group %s" % group.getKey("GROUP_NAME"))
except KeyboardInterrupt:
logging.error("keyboard interrupt caught")
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_EXP_KEYBOARD_INTERRUPT)
except Exception:
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_EXP_HANDLE_PARAMS)
def _handleParams(configFile):
if configFile:
def _getConditionValue(matchMember):
returnValue = False
if type(matchMember) == types.FunctionType:
returnValue = matchMember(controller.CONF)
elif type(matchMember) == types.StringType:
#we assume that if we get a string as a member it is the name
#of a member of conf_params
if not controller.CONF.has_key(matchMember):
param = controller.getParamByName(matchMember)
returnValue = controller.CONF[matchMember]
raise TypeError("%s type (%s) is not supported"%(matchMember, type(matchMember)))
return returnValue
def _displaySummary():
print output_messages.INFO_DSPLY_PARAMS
print "=" * (len(output_messages.INFO_DSPLY_PARAMS) - 1)"*** User input summary ***")
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
for param in group.getAllParams():
if not param.getKey("USE_DEFAULT") and controller.CONF.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
cmdOption = param.getKey("CMD_OPTION")
l = 30 - len(cmdOption)
maskParam = param.getKey("MASK_INPUT")
# Only call mask on a value if the param has MASK_INPUT set to True
if maskParam:"%s: %s" % (cmdOption, mask(controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")])))
print "%s:" % (cmdOption) + " " * l + mask(controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")])
# Otherwise, log & display it as it is"%s: %s" % (cmdOption, controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]))
print "%s:" % (cmdOption) + " " * l + controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]"*** User input summary ***")
answer = _askYesNo(output_messages.INFO_USE_PARAMS)
if not answer:
logging.debug("user chose to re-enter the user parameters")
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
for param in group.getAllParams():
if controller.CONF.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
if not param.getKey("MASK_INPUT"):
param.setKey("DEFAULT_VALUE", controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")])
# Remove the string from mask_value_set in order
# to remove values that might be over overwritten.
del controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]
if commandLineValues.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
del commandLineValues[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")]
print ""
logging.debug("calling handleParams in interactive mode")
return _handleParams(None)
logging.debug("user chose to accept user parameters")
def _printAdditionalMessages():
print "\n",output_messages.INFO_ADDTIONAL_MSG
for msg in controller.MESSAGES:
print output_messages.INFO_ADDTIONAL_MSG_BULLET%(msg)
def _addFinalInfoMsg():
add info msg to the user finalizing the
successfull install of rhemv
def _lockRpmVersion():
Enters rpm versions into yum version-lock
logging.debug("Locking rpms in yum-version-lock")
cmd = [
basedefs.EXEC_RPM, "-q",
] + basedefs.RPM_LOCK_LIST.split()
output, rc = utils.execCmd(cmdList=cmd, failOnError=True, msg=output_messages.ERR_YUM_LOCK)
with open(basedefs.FILE_YUM_VERSION_LOCK, "a") as f:
for rpm in output.splitlines():
f.write(rpm + "\n")
def _summaryParamsToLog():
if len(controller.CONF) > 0:
logging.debug("*** The following params were used as user input:")
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
for param in group.getAllParams():
if controller.CONF.has_key(param.getKey("CONF_NAME")):
maskedValue = mask(controller.CONF[param.getKey("CONF_NAME")])
logging.debug("%s: %s" % (param.getKey("CMD_OPTION"), maskedValue ))
def runSequences():
def main(configFile=None):
logging.debug("Entered main(configFile='%s')"%(configFile))
print output_messages.INFO_HEADER
# Get parameters
# Update masked_value_list with user input values
# Print masked conf
# Start configuration stage
logging.debug("Entered Configuration stage")
print "\n",output_messages.INFO_INSTALL
# Initialize Sequences
# Run main setup logic
# Lock rhevm version
# Print info
print output_messages.INFO_INSTALL_SUCCESS
# Always print user params to log
def generateAnswerFile(outputFile):
content = StringIO()
fd = open(outputFile,"w")
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
for param in group.getAllParams():
content.write("%s=%s%s" % (param.getKey("CONF_NAME"), param.getKey("DEFAULT_VALUE"), os.linesep))
os.chmod(outputFile, 0600)
def initCmdLineParser():
Initiate the optparse object, add all the groups and general command line flags
and returns the optparse object
# Init parser and all general flags
logging.debug("initiating command line option parser")
usage = "usage: %prog [options]"
parser = OptionParser(usage)
parser.add_option("--gen-answer-file", help="Generate a template of an answer file, using this option excludes all other option")
parser.add_option("--answer-file", help="Runs the configuration in none-interactive mode, extracting all information from the \
configuration file. using this option excludes all other option")
parser.add_option("-o", "--options", action="store_true", dest="options", help="Print details on options available in answer file(rst format)")
# For each group, create a group option
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
groupParser = OptionGroup(parser, group.getKey("DESCRIPTION"))
for param in group.getAllParams():
cmdOption = param.getKey("CMD_OPTION")
paramUsage = param.getKey("USAGE")
optionsList = param.getKey("OPTION_LIST")
useDefault = param.getKey("USE_DEFAULT")
if not useDefault:
if optionsList:
groupParser.add_option("--%s" % cmdOption, metavar=optionsList, help=paramUsage, choices=optionsList)
groupParser.add_option("--%s" % cmdOption, help=paramUsage)
# Add group parser to main parser
return parser
def printOptions():
print and document the available options to the answer file (rst format)
# For each group, create a group option
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
print "%s"%group.getKey("DESCRIPTION")
print "-"*len(group.getKey("DESCRIPTION"))
for param in group.getAllParams():
cmdOption = param.getKey("CONF_NAME")
paramUsage = param.getKey("USAGE")
optionsList = param.getKey("OPTION_LIST") or ""
print "%s : %s %s"%(("**%s**"%str(cmdOption)).ljust(30), paramUsage, optionsList)
def plugin_compare(x, y):
Used to sort the plugin file list
according to the number at the end of the plugin module
x_match =".+\_(\d\d\d)", x)
x_cmp =
y_match =".+\_(\d\d\d)", y)
y_cmp =
return int(x_cmp) - int(y_cmp)
def loadPlugins():
Load All plugins from ./plugins
fileList = sorted(os.listdir(basedefs.DIR_PLUGINS), cmp=plugin_compare)
for item in fileList:
# Looking for files that end with, example:
match ="^(.+\_\d\d\d)\.py$", item)
if match:
moduleToLoad =
logging.debug("importing module %s, from file %s", moduleToLoad, item)
moduleobj = __import__(moduleToLoad)
moduleobj.__file__ = os.path.join(basedefs.DIR_PLUGINS, item)
globals()[moduleToLoad] = moduleobj
logging.error("Failed to load plugin from file %s", item)
raise Exception("Failed to load plugin from file %s" % item)
def checkPlugin(plugin):
for funcName in ['initConfig','initSequences']:
if not hasattr(plugin, funcName):
raise ImportError("Plugin %s does not contain the %s function" % (plugin.__class__, funcName))
def countCmdLineFlags(options, flag):
counts all command line flags that were supplied, excluding the supplied flag name
counter = 0
# make sure only flag was supplied
for key, value in options.__dict__.items():
if key == flag:
# If anything but flag was called, increment
elif value:
counter += 1
return counter
def validateSingleFlag(options, flag):
counter = countCmdLineFlags(options, flag)
if counter > 0:
#replace _ with - for printing's sake
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_ONLY_1_FLAG % "--%s" % flag.replace("_","-"))
def initPluginsConfig():
for plugin in controller.getAllPlugins():
def initPluginsSequences():
for plugin in controller.getAllPlugins():
def initMain():
# Initialize logging
# Load Plugins
# Initialize configuration
if __name__ == "__main__":
runConfiguration = True
confFile = None
optParser = initCmdLineParser()
# Do the actual command line parsing
# Try/Except are here to catch the silly sys.exit(0) when calling rhevm-setup --help
(options, args) = optParser.parse_args()
if options.options:
raise SystemExit
# If --gen-answer-file was supplied, do not run main
if options.gen_answer_file:
# Make sure only --gen-answer-file was supplied
validateSingleFlag(options, "gen_answer_file")
# Otherwise, run main()
# Make sure only --answer-file was supplied
if options.answer_file:
validateSingleFlag(options, "answer_file")
confFile = options.answer_file
if not os.path.exists(confFile):
raise Exception(output_messages.ERR_NO_ANSWER_FILE % confFile)
for key, value in options.__dict__.items():
# Replace the _ with - in the string since optparse replace _ with -
for group in controller.getAllGroups():
param = group.getParams("CMD_OPTION", key.replace("_","-"))
if len(param) > 0 and value:
commandLineValues[param[0].getKey("CONF_NAME")] = value
except SystemExit:
except BaseException as e:
print e
print output_messages.ERR_CHECK_LOG_FILE_FOR_MORE_INFO%(logFile)