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Migrate your Xenserver image from *.xva to *.img or *.qcow2
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This project is for migrating from xenserver *.xva image to xen *.img image.


  1. Untar your xenserver image {{image}} with the command: tar -xvf {image}.xva. There are Ref:XX folder and ova.xml, where Ref:XX which contains 1MB size chunks of the image disk and ova.xml represents image spec.

  2. Then grab this handy utility and run it on your untared data, as an example:

python –-convert=Ref:XX {image}.img

  1. If you'd like to convert {image}.img to {image}.qcow2, you can run the command:

qemu-img convert -f raw -O qcow2 {image}.img {image}.qcow2

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