Elixir reimplementation of openzwave (not a wrapper)
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Domolixir is a pure-Elixir solution for your smart home. It currently supports (part of) ZWave, with plans to support Philips Hue in the future.

This project is a WIP, but if you want, you can already use it to see how things are going.

Domolixir current consists of three parts:

web - a phoenix project that is the user interface to Domolixir.

domo - a library to interface with various domotica hardware (currently supports ZWave).

fw - a nerves project to get web and domo running on a Raspberry PI.

Running Domolixir on a computer

git clone https://github.com/derekkraan/domolixir domolixir
cd domolixir/apps/web
mix deps.get
mix phx.server
# or: iex -S mix phx.server

Burning this to an SD card for use on an RPI

git clone https://github.com/derekkraan/domolixir domolixir
cd domolixir/apps/fw
export MIX_TARGET=rpi3 # rpi3 is for the Raspberry Pi 3 ... adjust for the actual rpi you have
export MIX_ENV=prod
mix deps.get
mix firmware
# insert SD card into computer
mix firmware.burn

Which Raspberry Pi to use?

I have been unable to get the Raspberry Pi Zero W to work with the Z-Stick from Aeotech. I suspect that you could get it working with a powered USB hub but I haven't been able to confirm (please submit a pull request with additional information if you have tried this).

For now I would recommend the Raspberry Pi 3 B. It's what I have installed at home and it works like a charm.