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  • Module-based Horde.Supervisor can override child_spec/1. #135
  • Added guides for handling clustering, process state handoff (during deploys), and special considerations for eventual consistency to the documentation.
  • Horde.Supervisor now uses libring to distribute processes over nodes. #130
  • Horde.Supervisor publishes metrics with :telemetry ([:horde, :supervisor, :supervised_process_count]). #132
  • Horde.Supervisor and Horde.Registry now support option delta_crdt_options, which you can use to tune your cluster. Also updated to the most recent DeltaCRDT. #100


  • Horde.Supervisor now behaves more like DynamicSupervisor. #122
  • Horde.Registry sends an exit signal to the process that "loses" when a conflict is resolved. #118
  • Horde.Registry.register/3 returns {:error, {:already_registered, pid}} when applicable. This improves compatability with Elixir.Registry. #115
  • Adds, which works the same as, which will land in Elixir 1.9. #110
  • Fixes a bug causing Horde.Supervisor to crash if a child process was restarting when Horde.Supervisor.delete_child/2 was called. #114
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