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Plugin to allow full screen use in gvim on Windows
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README Dual monitor support
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                                     Derek McLoughlin

* What is this
  Put gvim into full screen in Microsoft Windows.
  This is a copy of Yasuhiro Matsumoto's VimTweak's EnableMaximize
  functionality	modified to deal with window borders and making the
  window overlap the task bar.

  Note: this works on dual monitor configurations where the primary monitor is the
  one on the left hand side. When the gvim window spans both monitors, it is maximised 
  to the monitor which contains most of the area of gvim's window.

* Compiling
  Compile the DLL using any version of Visual C++ for Windows
  Use the makefile - nmake
  copy gvimfullscreen.dll to the directory that has gvim.exe

* Usage
    :call libcallnr("gvimfullscreen.dll", "ToggleFullScreen", 0)

	For  example:
	map <F11> <Esc>:call libcallnr("gvimfullscreen.dll", "ToggleFullScreen", 0)<CR>
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