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Data and related code for ACL2019 paper "Implicit Discourse Relation Identification for Open-domain Dialogues"
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Implicit Discourse Relation Identification for Open-domain Dialogues


Original self-dialogue corpus Edina can be obtained here.

The new proposed dataset are in the Edina-DR directory. The three folders under it are for:

  • Edina-DR: Argument pairs extracted from Edina dataset
  • Edina-DR_NLU: Argument pairs and dialogue features extracted Natural Language Understanding modules
  • Edina-DR_NLU_human-annotation: 400 samples selected from the samples in Edina-DR_NLU and annotated by human

The column names across all files in Edina-DR and Edina-DR_NLU stands for:

  • arg1: the first arugment
  • arg2: the second argument
  • relation: the annotated discourse relation
  • connective: the connective word originally lies between arg1 and arg2
  • type: whether the connective originally is at the beginning (begin) of a utterance or middle (mid) of a utterance
  • original_utt: orginal full utterance where this argument pairs and discourse relation are extracted from
  • original_utt_prev: the previous utterance of original_utt. If the connective is begin, then the first argument is extracted from the previous utternace
  • arg*_{dialogue_act, sentiment, topic, cobot_topics, intents}: values for the names dialogue features
  • arg*_gnode_entities: entities and their related properties using the entity detector
  • arg*_{gkg_entities, gkg_keywords, gkg_etype_list}: the same information as in arg*_gnode_entities but separated according whether it's entities themselves, keywords or types
  • arg*_flow_topics: topics detected by seperated topic classifier originally designed for invoking certain dialogue flows

The human annotation include:

  • Discourse relation identified by expert annotater (relation_human field)
  • Whether this pair of arugments do not hold a discourse relation due to grammar error (error_human field is y)


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