A Android application for Surakarta Game from Java, Indonesia
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Surakarta Game

Download the app at the following link! https://github.com/derekmma/surakarta-game/raw/master/SurakartaGame.apk

Installation Guide

  • Recommended version: Android 7.0
  1. Go to URL and download the .apk file:
  2. Install on mobile device by click the downloaded .apk file
  3. Grant all permissions needed by the application


User login or create account at login page

Then user can get this main page to choose functions

User can create a session or join a available session to play the game!

Pieces' positions and player operations will be synced between two players

User can click the Profile button to review and modify their profile and current grades

User can click the Location of Players button to review locations and grades of all users

Clicking the Leader Board to show the leaderboard

Clicking the Learn Rules to learn the rule of this game

Rules of the Game


Capture as many as possible pieces of your opponent. Stop when click teh STOP button or all pieces of one side are all captured.

The winner will be the one left more pieces on the board.

General Turns and Rules

  • A player move one piece, and then another player move one piece.
  • Player can only move piece that owned by him/herself.
  • Pieces always rest on the points of intersection fo the board's grid lines.


There are two types of moves: normal move and capture.

Normal Move

Only move to unoccupied point in any direction. Normal move can't go through circuits.


Go through at least one inner or outer circuit around the corners and unlimited number of unoccupied points, and then land on an enemy piece to capture it.

The captured piece will be removed from the board, and the piece which capture others will stay at the location of captured piece.

Demo Videos to Explain the Rules