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// A short example that demonstrates how to read the environment variables
// from within a C/C++ program using in two different ways.
// Written by Derek Molloy for the book Exploring BeagleBone
using namespace std;
// You can use a third argument on main() to receive the environment settings
int main(int argc, char *argv[], char *env[]){
// Display all of the environment settings using a loop as follows
char **env_ptr;
for(env_ptr = env; *env_ptr != NULL; env_ptr++){
cout << *env_ptr << endl;
cout << "**************************************************" << endl;
// Alternatively, you can use the getenv() function
char *val = getenv("SHELL");
cout << "The user shell is: " << val << endl;
cout << "The user path is: " << getenv("PATH") << endl;
return 0;