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Refined support for Anorm
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Refined Anorm

Adds support for Refinement types to the Anorm database access layer for Scala.

Build Status


Add the following to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.derekmorr" %% "refined-anorm" % "0.1"

refined-anorm is available for Scala 2.11 and 2.12 for Anorm 2.5.


Add the following to Anorm models:

import refined.anorm._

Then you'll be able to serialize and deserialize refined types with JDBC.

For example:

/** 802.1Q Vlan ID */
type VlanId = Int Refined Interval.Closed[W.`0`.T, W.`4095`.T]

type NonBlankString = String Refined And[NonEmpty, Exists[Not[Whitespace]]]

case class Vlan(id: VlanId, name: NonBlankString)

object Vlan {
   import refined.anorm._
   val parser: RowParser[Vlan] = Macro.namedParser[Vlan]
  def getById(id: VlanId)(implicit connection: Connection): Option[Vlan] = {
    SQL"""SELECT id, name FROM vlans WHERE id = $id""".as(Vlan.parser.singleOpt)
  def create(vlan: Vlan)(implicit connection: Connection): Boolean = {
    SQL"""INSERT INTO vlans (id, name) VALUES (${}, ${})""".executeUpdate() == 1

There is a complete, working example in the integration tests (in src/it).

Testing the app

To run unit tests, run

sbt test

To run the integration tests:

  1. Install a database (PostgreSQL is the default).
  2. Create a database named refinement. Grant a user read/write and create table access to it.
  3. Edit src/it/resources/application.conf:
  4. Edit the username and password fields
  5. Adjust the database URL if necessary.
  6. Run sbt it:test

Code coverage report

To generate a code coverage report run,

sbt clean coverage test coverageReport

The HTML report will be written to target/scala-2.12/scoverage-report/index.html.

Code quality analysis

The project uses the scapegoat tool for code quality analysis. Run run a scapegoat report, run

sbt scapegoat

The HTML report will be written to target/scala-2.12/scapegoat-report/scapegoat.html

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