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HackerYou bootcamp project 5: solo React application
JavaScript CSS HTML
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Brite Lites

A digital toy, based on the perennial children's favourite. Click the bulbs to turn them on or off, change their colours, make a picture, save it for later, and load what others have made! There are two sizes of drawing grid, a large one for desktop and a small one for mobile devices <768px, so that the hit targets don't get too small. Pictures saved on mobile can't be loaded on desktop, and vice-versa.

Work in progress

This was the first thing I've built in React, as well as the first thing I've built that uses Firebase (for the save/load functionality). There's no user authentication for saving as of yet, though there should be shortly, since nazis are trash and vandalism is a thing.

Built for an in-class assignment as part of Cohort 22 at HackerYou in Toronto, Canada.

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