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This script should no longer be necessary. It's possible to inline the script directly into the tmux configuration using tmux if-shell commands. For more on this approach see the thoughtbot blog post or the readme for vim-tmux-navigator. Issue with inline scripting can be opened in the vim-tmux-navigator repository.


This is a repackaging of the split pane switching script used in Mislav Marohnić's tmux-navigator configuration described in this gist.


Please note that this is only the script used to switch panes. To fully enable this functionality you will need to follow the instructions below (assumes homebrew and vundle).

  1. Install tmux-vim-select-pane:
brew install
  1. Add the vim-tmux-navigator plugin to vim:
Bundle 'christoomey/vim-tmux-navigator'
  1. Add the following configuration to your ~/.tmux-conf configuration
# Smart pane switching with awareness of vim splits
bind -n C-k run-shell 'tmux-vim-select-pane -U'
bind -n C-j run-shell 'tmux-vim-select-pane -D'
bind -n C-h run-shell 'tmux-vim-select-pane -L'
bind -n C-l run-shell 'tmux-vim-select-pane -R'
bind -n "C-\\" run-shell 'tmux-vim-select-pane -l'

Manual Installation

If you are not a homebrew user, you can download bin/tmux-vim-select-pane from this repository, add it to a directory in your path and mark it as executable.

vim-tmux-navigator has pathogen installation instructions in its readme.