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Developed in 100% React Native, "The Comedy Companion" is the world's first productivity tool for Stand-Up Comedians. Manage your jokes, organize them into set lists, and track performances all in one place.

Upcoming Features

  • Cloud Storage for Android Users
  • Customizable Categories, and filtering on those categories
  • Running rating of Joke performance by swiping left for good, right for bad on a given show
  • Web Browser editing of jokes through a websocket API

Currently Available Features (v1.4)

  • Email Export of Jokes, Set Lists, and Show recordings
  • Associate an Audio Recording with any Given Show
  • Track solid bits as well as those you're currently working on
  • Associate detailed notes with each bit
  • Associate a length in minutes and seconds with each joke and estimate set list lengths as you build them
  • Create set lists with ease, dragging and dropping jokes into place, and track their estimated length
  • Track every show you perform, which set list was used, the venue performed at including city and state
  • Reorder everything on the fly as well as search for specific keywords in your bits
  • Back everything up to your personal iCloud account for security and ease of transferring data between multiple iPhones and iPads (iOS Users Only)

Installation Instructions

Installation should be ridiculously simple once you are set up for React Native development (Getting Started With React Native) . Simply clone the repository into whatever folder you like, go into that folder and type:

npm install

Once all the packages are done installing you should be able to simply type react-native-run-ios or react-native-run-android and the app should boot up in a simulator.

Development Instructions

Please make all your pull requests on the develop branch. They will be merged in after review and releases will be cut from development to master whenever a group of features is deemed ready to go.

Thank-yous go out to...

g-harel - open-source-logos - The guy that drew our awesome little devil mascot/icon. Great work! Thanks so much!

GeekyAnts - react-native-hamburger - Hamburger menu you see in the top left corner with the awesome animation when touched

manicakes - react-native-icloudstore - What allows iOS users to back up their jokes to their iCloud

ananddayalan - react-native-material-design-searchbar - The searchbar used on the Jokes and Shows pages

ArnaudRinquin - react-native-radio-buttons - The segmented controls that you see on the Options screen for controlling sort options

dereksweet - react-native-sliding-panes - Hey it's me! This is the component that controls the 3 primary sliding panes for Jokes, Set Lists, and Shows

dereksweet - react-native-sweet-record - Hey it's me, again! This is the component that is used for all persistent data storage in the app.

deanmcpherson - react-native-sortable-listview - The awesome sortable ListView on the right side of the Set List Editor

xgfe - react-native-ui-xg - The nicely styled buttons that you see throughout the app

oblador - react-native-vector-icons - The package that serves up all the icons you see throughout the app

jsierles - react-native-audio - The amazing package that allows the audio for shows to be recorded. Awesome work.

zmxv - react-native-sound - Another amazing package that allows for the playback of the audio recordings. Thanks man!

corbt - react-native-keep-awake - Great little tool that prevents the device from going to sleep due to inactivity while recording/timing shows. Just what was needed.

chirag04 - react-native-mail - The React Native package that allows the exporting of jokes and set lists via the device's own email capabilities. Great job dude!


React Native application a comedian would use to manage jokes, set lists, and performances







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