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Scrapers for common Berkeley queries
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Scrapers for common Berkeley queries


  1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Dictation -> Dictation Commands -> +.
  2. Type your desired trigger phrase for a particular location (i.e., "what time is the stadium gym open today?")
  3. For "Perform:" select Run workflow -> Other -> Path to the relevant Apple script in this repo.


To use Rook, tap the fn button twice and hold on the second time. The dictation box should pop up. Say the trigger phrase, and the system will parse the relevant web page and read the answer back to you.

Currently Rook supports:

  1. Stadium gym hours
  2. RSF hours
  3. Anthropology library hours
  4. VLSB library hours
  5. Main stacks library hours
  6. Moffitt library hours
  7. Haas library hours
  8. Kresge library hours
  9. Chemistry library hours
  10. East Asian library hours
  11. Art history library hours
  12. Doe library hours
  13. Math library hours
  14. Morrison library hours
  15. Music library hours
  16. Optometry library hours
  17. Physics library hours

I will likely expand functionality to other commonly queried locations.

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