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Jiffy - JavaScript File Editor

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You've got flat files? That's understandable.

Jiffy is a flat file editor written in JavaScript. It's a quick, easy way to view and edit your data files using only a browser.

Jiffy uses the JavaScript File API so that everything is done locally. Your file data is kept private and never sent to a server. It supports modern HTML5 browsers.

JSON files define file layouts, data types, and formats. Use these to teach Jiffy your own custom file formats without writing any code. For details, see the wiki. Jiffy includes definitions for formats such as NACHA ACH files.

You can run Jiffy locally or use our online version. Create your own data files or download some samples.

Running Locally

Pre-requisites: git and node.js (details).

  1. Get the code: git clone
  2. cd jiffy && npm install && bower install
  3. grunt serve
  4. Open in your browser.

See the wiki for other installation options.

To enable console logging, set debugEnabled to true in app.js.

Use grunt to run jshint, tests, and the distribution build. Use grunt test to run the unit tests.


See the wiki and ngdocs.

Use grunt docs to update the ngdocs. Then, run node webserver.js and open in a browser.


Jiffy is released under the ISC License. See LICENSE.txt.


The usual: fork, work your magic, send me a pull request.

To share a file format definition, add it to a new folder under file-definitions and include the name (commented out) in definition-names.txt.