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Various dotfiles that I need
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Git stuff

- Changed the ZSH theme a bit to use red / green for dirty / clean
- Added a few aliases, biggest change is that `gl` sets `--ff-only`
- Added a git post-checkout hook, and modified linkem to set things up
  properly.  I want my `ctags` file to be regenerated when I change
  branches, so this hook now does this
latest commit aedf401028
Derek Wyatt authored
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.git_template Git stuff
rxvt/themes Added pgrep alias; updates to themes and some rxvt themes
zsh_custom Git stuff
.gitignore Initial commit
README Initial commit
bashprompt Initial commit
ctags Updated the plugin to work with changed behavior of cd command; added…
dircolors Finally got around to fixing the colour for links - they were black :D
inputrc Various simplifications of my life
linkem Git stuff
zshrc Git stuff


A set of dotfiles that I need
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