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Added the much needed vK vJ vH and vL aliases

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1 parent f94406e commit dc05fced88404b8bba2cafb1291f4f9fb79501ba Derek Wyatt committed
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  1. +4 −0 zsh_custom/plugins/vim-interaction/vim-interaction.plugin.zsh
4 zsh_custom/plugins/vim-interaction/vim-interaction.plugin.zsh
@@ -70,3 +70,7 @@ alias vk="callvim -b':wincmd k'"
alias vj="callvim -b':wincmd j'"
alias vl="callvim -b':wincmd l'"
alias vh="callvim -b':wincmd h'"
+alias vK="callvim -b':sp<cr>:wincmd k'"
+alias vJ="callvim -b':sp<cr>:wincmd j'"
+alias vH="callvim -b':vsp<cr>:wincmd h'"
+alias vL="callvim -b':vsp<cr>:wincmd l'"

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